Employee Benefits

Why have your own employee benefits website?

Value  and retain your Staff

When staff feel engaged and valued in an organisation, it leads to a more positive working environment. Employee well-being is currently a hot topic…rightly so as it can directly affect your turnover and it is the responsibility of employers to prioritise the health and welfare of their staff. Employee rewards schemes can address this area and maximise productivity and staff wellbeing.

Why do large organisations invest in employee benefit schemes?

The anwser is simple - they recognise the benefits. However, employee benefiits schemes have traditionally been expensive and beyond the reach of small or medium sized companies.... this is where Reward the Staff comes in...

Our basic tier service is free

Employee rewards schemes facilitate a two-way relationship between employers and employees; the more you invest in your staff, the more return you’ll get. Our basic service is free, if you choose to upgrade, the cost of our service is low and can be offset by these great benefits so the financial calculations are simple. Improve the lives of your staff…value, invest, retain, engage and reward your workforce to nurture your business.